August 21, 2019

Wellbarrier presented "objective risk assessments for well integrity" at OE2019


Wellbarrier's well integrity analyst Simon Copping presented "Wellbarrier® Illustration Tool—managing well integrity using objective risk assessments" at the Schlumberger stand at SPE Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition on September 4, 2019.

Wellbarrier's Simon Copping presents objective risk assessments, using the Wellbarrier software.

The presentation showcased Wellbarrier's lean approach to help remove as much subjectivity as possible from the risk assessment, where the well barrier element definitions are employed as a basis for the evaluation.

By incorporating the well barrier illustrations, barrier element listings, and Wellbarrier’s methodology, engineers are given an objective approach to assessing risk.

Wellbarrier's risk assessment functionality uses the FMECA (failure mode, effects and criticality analysis) to identify component by component what can go wrong and what the possible consequences are.

Risk assessment is therefore no longer driven by subjective assessment but by a robust model.

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