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Reduce risk – prepare high quality well barrier illustrations to give stakeholders a clear and common understanding of how the wells are safeguarded.

THE Wellbarrier® SOftware

Visualise it!

A picture is worth more than 1000 words.
Illustrating well barriers will show you clearly what challenges may come. Our solution presents graphics and language in a consistent manner to make sure everyone sees the same picture.

Share it!

Share well barrier information in one common well library.
Present information in morning and engineering meetings and discuss well barrier challenges in risk assessment meetings.

Document it!

Make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what well barrier elements and envelopes are in place. The Well Barrier Schematic will prescribe qualification and monitoring method during well activity and as an “As-Built” document.

Now available
Version 3 – Well Lifecycle Portal

The Wellbarrier Illustration Tool has gone through a technology upgrade and is now ready for the future. The new version has focus on the well through its lifecycle and is prepared for new modules to be added in the imminent future.
We continue to deliver a user-friendly solution with information easily available, all presented in a consistent and professional manner.
Our new version is more screen friendly, ready to be brought into morning meetings by over 4000 users around the world.


Over 4000 users around the world

“Using Wellbarrier Illustration Tool is a strategic company decision”
– be prepared by using Wellbarrier Illustration Tool

We are always available for enquiries regarding well barrier integrity, training and technology.